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a-Griffin® pinta nailoninė virvelė 2mm diametro Black (10m)

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  • The round braid of the GRIFFIN Braided Nylon Cord on spools gives this lightweight rope made from high-quality nylon reduced elasticity. This extremely strong and durable nylon cord is tear-proof yet soft, flexible and supple and it feels nice against your skin. The braiding of the nylon thread gives GRIFFIN Braided Nylon Cord a textured surface. The huge selection of 20 fashionable colors available in six different diameters makes it versatile, meaning it can be used beyond the manufacture and design of jewelry. The robust nature of the nylon cord guarantees durability and makes this a popular hardwearing beading material and an indispensable jewelry cord with a sporty look. GRIFFIN Braided Nylon Cord in the versions with small diameters is especially suited to stringing on gemstone beads and to heavy beads. It is very easy to knot and can be used in the same way as a standard silk bead cord. Melting the ends guarantees that the cord does not fray. In the versions with larger diameters, GRIFFIN Braided Nylon Cord is perfect for braiding and tying decorative knots using a range of techniques, such as the paracord knotting technique, macramé and Shamballa bracelets. If you would like to use GRIFFIN Braided Nylon Cord with large diameters as a threading material, we would recommend using beads with large holes. GRIFFIN Braided Nylon Cord is ideal for use as a decorative band for pendants or twisted bracelets and for a wide variety of design variants.

    Gamintojas: Griffin®
    Tipas: Virvelės
    Medžiaga: Nailonas
    Modelis: Griffin® pinta nailoninė virvelė
    Diametras: 2mm
    Ilgis: 10m
    Spalva: Black (Juoda)
    Kiekis pakuotėje: 1 vienetas
    EAN kodas: 4250096482143